Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Best And Worst Of 2007

What a year it has been for Hollywood. 2007 has really shaken things up in Tinsel Town in all sorts of crazy ways. First we had Britney's constant fall-out with the press with her DUI charges, bald head, uncovered rear end, custody battles with Kevin Federline, losing her custody battles to Kevin Federline, the flop of her latest album, Blackout and of course with her 16 year old sister getting knocked up.
We also saw a record-breaking finish for the most celebrity DUI charges in history. We had Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Mel Gibson, Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore and Lost star Daniel Dae Kim.
Hollywood saw the summer threequels by the likes of Spider-Man 3, Shrek The Third, Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End, The Bourne Ultimatum, Oceans 13 and Rush Hour 3. Sure they all made a good dent at the box-office but in my opinion, not many blockbusters delivered. However Hollywood did manage to conjure numerous movies which have become Oscar heavyweights for the 80th Academy Awards in February. Heck even Enchanted was entertaining. Well it's time to round it up. Here are the best and the worst of 2007.

Could you imagine that barely a year ago Nikki was working in an ice-cream parlour when she found out that she landed the role of Tracy Turnblad in 2007's hit summer musical Hairspray. She joined an all-star cast of Oscar nominees John Trovolta and Michelle Pfeiffer as well as Zac Efron, Amanda Bynes, James Marsden, Jerry Stiller and Queen Latifah and you know what? Nikki totally outshone all of them with her portrayal of the optimistic Tracy Turnblad. Now up with a Golden Globe nomination, Nikki will be appearing in two more movies that will hit the screens this year.

 Sure we will always remember him as the guy who played Cyclops in X-Men but what you didn't know is that Marsden was a TV regular on popular hit shows like Ally McBeal and Friends back in the 90's. This year he proves that he was a man of many talents in Hairspray by putting some moves and a killer cabaret voice into the role of naive daytime show host, Cony Collins. He later starred in Disney's unconventional fairytale, Enchanted as the pea-cockish Prince Edward. Next he will be 27 Dresses opposite Katherine Hiegl and The Box with Cameron Diaz.

Based on the Hasbro toy collection, Transformers combines nostalgia with our modern day lust for CGI in an action packed thriller that was both funny and gritty. I mean whats not to like? Giant alien robots beating the crap out of each other whilst destroying every building, highway and tower in sight as puny humans run in terror is always fun to watch.
 The human actors Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox does a pretty decent job in carrying the story but the real stars were the Transformers themselves. bout a Transformers 2?

 Now I know most of you wouldn't have heard of this movie. Mainly because it never made it to our shores and with good reason. Finally the Malaysian censorship board does something right for once. D-War is about an ancient Korean legend coming to life in modern day New York City. An Imoogi or dragon larvae in my own words is born every 500 years and needs to eat a 20 year old girl that has a dragon tattoed on her shoulder in order for it to transform into a dragon and return to Heaven to be the guardian of peace and bla bla bla bla. The plot of the movie is so confusing leaving many plot-holes that were never filled up.
The CGI in the movie was fair considering it was a low budget film but it wasn't enough to save this one. The problem with D-War was it's screenplay. There were moments when the movie could have been great but just failed to deliver. I mean, how can you make a scene where helicopters are shooting down dragons in New York boring? Whats more frustrating is that I personally think that D-War could have been a very good movie. Maybe with a bigger budget and better screen writers.

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