Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hancock: Review

Hey this movie's pretty funny. We  got Will Smith being awesome, the guy from Juno and the ass of Charlize Theron. Yeah I like this film a lot.. hey wait.. Wait what? What are you doing? No stop this! This isn't funny anymore! What are you-- NOOOOO!!
Hancock is about a man named Hancock who has superpower but he's pretty much a bum and causes more trouble than he actually solves. In comes Jason Bateman, a PR guy who wants to turn Hancock's image around and make him someone that is useful to society and ultimately a better person. The film had a good idea and I really liked it in the beginning but then Hancock just turned into a piece of shit!
This movie did something similar to what I hated about No Country For Old Men. It starts out with a nice story, it's builds up the characters and I start to get attached with how this movie is going to go.. and then it just ends the first half of the movie and picks up with a completely different story. Watching Hancock was like watching 2 different movies in one. First we have the comedy superhero movie and then the whole thing turns into one big romance film.
It was as if the writers couldn't think of anything else to further the plot of Hancock trying to be a superhero and gain the trust of the people. All of a sudden, the movie switches gears, changes the mood and even the goddamn genre to crowbar in a love story between Hancock and Charlize Theron. And that wouldn't have bothered me so much if I hadn't liked the first half of the movie where it was just one heck of a funny superhero film.
Will Smith and Charlize Theron were uninteresting to me. I did like Will Smith in the first half of the film where he's just this hag of a slacker that really doesn't give a shit about anything. But then he changes into some ole Casanova at the end of the film and I'm like WTF?
But the best one here was Jason Bateman who is playing the same kind of character he does in Arrested Development only this time he's dealing with a drunken superhero instead of a family of crazies.And besides Will Smith in the first half, Jason Bateman is the second funniest person in the movie.
The other problem this movie has is that it didn't really have a good villain for Hancock to play off. Sure we had Eddie Marsan who was pretty funny in this, but the second part of Hancock focused so much on the sitty relationship between Will Smith and Charlize Theron we don't get to see any development with his character which ultimately makes the climax of the movie less interesting.
They should have stuck with the original part of the story and saw the whole thing through instead of making such a cop out at the end which left me really angry at the end.

RATING: 5/10

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