Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eagle Eye: Review

Eagle Eye! Hell frickin' yeah man. This movie was awesome. People still trying to find a movie that matched the level of action in The Dark Knight should really give this movie a go.
 Eagle Eye is about Jerry Shaw, who's pretty much a complete bum played by Shia LaBeouf. Out of no where Jerry gets a call from some woman saying, "Look, I put some crazy shit in your apartment and if you don't do what I say, you'll die." Obviously he doesn't listen to her and he gets arrested and the FBI thinks he's a terrorist. Across the city, Rachel Holloman, who's this hot single mom played by Michelle Monaghan, gets a call from the same woman saying "Hey I got a camera on your son wherever he goes and I'm gonna kill your precious if you don't do what I say." This all sets the whole motion for the film.
Eagle Eye is directed by D.J Caruso, who directed Shia in Disturbia and on TV he's known for doing The Shield. This guy really knows how to direct action. The car chasing scenes were one of the most intense I've seen but it still goes at a good pace so the audience can follow what's going on beneath all that carnage. Best part to this action movie was there was somewhat of a thread of a plot which makes the whole movie not only entertaining but believable to. It doesn't really do it in spades like The Dark Knight but it's somewhere there more or less.
I really can't buy Shia LaBeouf playing this mature character. I'm looking up the movie on the Web and his character is suppose to be in his early 30's. Shia doesn't look anywhere near 30. He just doesn't have the look for it, which makes me wonder why the hell they cast him.
See what Shia is suffering from right now is the same thing Leonardo DiCaprio went through after he did Titanic. he tried doing some mature roles but we still can't get that teen Jack Dawson outta our heads. Giving him a mustache and making him wear an over sized trench coat doesn't make him look older.
Now, I've heard a lot of comments about Eagle Eye being too unrealistic but I found it okay for my taste. C'mon it's a freaking movie, it doesn't have to make a whole lot of sense. The story built around the two main characters was excellent, the build of the tension was gripping and most of the resolutions were clever. Though I do agree with the others that the ending was a bit anti-climatic.
Another thing that did bother me was Shia LaBeouf's favorite word. If you haven't noticed, in all his movies there's going to be one part where he goes NO NO NO NO NO.
Besides that, I thought Eagle Eye was highly entertaining. Just check your brain at the door and enjoy the ride. Quite a good quench for our thirst for good movies in this horrid month of house bunnies and high school musicals.
PS. To those who've been asking, the woman who calls Jerry and Rachel in the movie is Julianne Moore (The lady from Jurassic Park 2)

RATING: 7/10

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