Thursday, November 27, 2008

Quarantine: Review

Someone quarantine this film for me. I really really don't like you John Erick Dowdle.
So Quarantine is a movie done on a hand held camera like Cloverfield. It's about this girl, Angela Vidal who's this news person that's doing a story on what it's like to be a firemen and she follows this brigade around and stuff. One night they get a call of something really weird going on this this apartment building so they go check it out and she and her cameramen follows them to. Little do they know that there's an infection going on in this building that turns people into zombies and they are now trapped in the building.
Now this movie is based on a Spanish horror film called [REC] and what's really disappointing to me is that I liked [REC] a lot and this was such a ripoff,like in a way that every single frame in Quarantine is exactly the same as [REC].
You may watch this and see some stuff that looks really cool, but don't be fooled, everything in this was stolen from [REC]and done in the exact same way..only in English. Here's a better idea, why don't you just watch [REC} and put on the subtitles. Problem solved. There wasn't anything done in here that was remotely different or improved on and I give the filmmakers a big slap for that.
We have Jennifer Carpenter in this playing Angela Vidal. Now I like Jenifer Carpenter. I saw her in The Exorcism of Emily Rose and I would dare say I felt she deserved an Oscar nomination for that. But in this movie she kind of annoyed the hell out of me. We get her character practically screaming and panicking through most of the film to the point where you wish the firemen or the camera guy would just slap her.
And she is miles below the original actress in [REC], Manuela Velasco, who is not only was much cuter than Jennifer Carpenter,this chick had her boobs falling out of that tank top of hers which made my horror experience in [REC] a whole lot tolerable. Can't wait to see her again when [REC] 2 comes out.
But the thing I think Quarantine did better than [REC] was getting the audience into this feeling of claustrophobia being trapped in this apartment building. The place is a whole lot darker and scarier and the zombies in this are much frightening than the one's in [REC]
I also like the use of police in Quarantine where they are saying that they are here to help the people trapped in this building but are actually trying to kill them to. So it makes this feeling of being trapped in the building much worse knowing that you are also a target if you escape.
And what the hell is wrong with that apartment building they were in. Who in their right mind would live in a place like this.I mean like, this building was so run down and there were wires sticking out the place and floorboards everywhere and there didn't seem to be a single light bulb in this building that works. Who is that stupid to live in a shit hole like that??
I wished they would have done something fresh with this remake, I did like some parts in this but nothing in here can match the pure awesomeness of [REC]


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