Sunday, January 4, 2009

Australia: Review

A long long time ago, me see movie about land where people shoot kangaroos and say "Raaa!" at cows. We name many names for this place. But the white people who keep saying "Crikey!" throughout the whole goddamn movie call it Australia. And it is fucking awesome!
So Australia is about an English aristocrat played by Nicole Kidman who moves from London to Australia to manage cows. Not sure why anyone would do that but still. So she goes to this place that was managed by her husband and meets the Drover played by Wolverine.
Now before you guys go watch this I gotta warn you. This film is long. Like Lord of the Rings long. But if you have some patience, an eye for stunning nature scenery, an empty bladder and a very thick sweater, you'll do just fine.
The cinematography in Australia is absolutely spectacular. The sweeping landscapes of the Australian outback is really breathtaking. And the art direction added to it was excellent too. Really nice for the eyes if you ask me.
The actors in this were great. The chemistry between Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman was awesome. I like David Wenham as the bad guy. But I loved Brandon Walters the best. He's just so cute!! I actually went through half the movie until I realize he was a boy. Hey don't blame me okay. He had long hair and was named Nullah.
However, some parts of Australia weren't that great, like the whole love story between Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. It had nothing to do with the two actors, I just felt that it wasn't developed enough. Again I didn't see no Titanic shit. The romance side of the movie was brief at best. Most of the love scenes between the two were sex scenes and thanks to our great government, I didn't see any of it.
I felt that the whole bombing of Darwin scene was unnecessary and too Perl Harbor like. Yeah I know it really did happen in history but couldn't the director make it more original? And last was that stupid Somewhere Over The Rainbow song. They kept playing it again and again!
But overall Australia was great. Not for everyone because of it's length but still a very solid epic. I'd recommend you guys to buy it on DVD or download it instead of going to the cinema, simply cause it's more comfortable. At least that way you can take the piss breaks and grab a bite in between.

I predict maybe Oscar noms for Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction.

RATING: 7/10

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