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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Surrogates: Review

Hi. Having online friends and cyber dating is just sad. That's all.
So I got to go for the early screening of the show and didn't really know much about it, and to be honest i knida liked the movie. Okay so Surrogates is about a future world where people never leave their house but control these robots called Surrogates to interact and live their daily lives. Anyone can be anything they want and do whatever without any real implications cause their in actual fact just sitting at home controlling robots. It's kinda like RPG and chat rooms but in real life
The film has a lot of bold elements that take a stab at how we rely so much on technology like the Internet and stuff that we beging to lose what really makes us human. Surrogates give a whole lot of philosophical point-of-views that'll keep you pondering and but sometimes it does feel a little preachy.
 Bruce Willis plays a cop who is forced to leave his home without using his Surrogate for the first time in many years in order to investigate a human related Surrogate murder. Willis makes the film watcheble, his role is one of the better ones he's had in a long time, though it's sad he didn't have much of a good script to play off. Radha Mitchell is awesome as ever playing his partner and damn.. Rosamund Pike looked realy good in here. (Surrogate Rosamund Pike not the real one, real Rosamund Pike was super ugly)
What I didn't like about the show were the actions scenes that were crowbarred into the movie for the sake of making the film slightly more entertaining, I get why they had to do that but I would have prefered if they just stuck to developing the thought provoking themes, which kinda had to take a back seat halfway through the movie to make way for the explosions.
Surrogates was a good show, I liked it a lot but it's the kind of movie that you watch, like and just forget about. It doesn't really have anything that will make you want to go back and see again. But for good entertainment, yeah give it a go, but don't pay more than RM7 for it, it isn't that worth it.
One part in the movie that really made me laugh was when Bruce Willis is having an argument with his wife aka. Surrogate controlled by his wife and she just went like "OK. This conversation is over" and just switches off. Hahahahahah. The perfect way of getting out of any argument!!

RATING: 6.5/10

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