Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones Confirmed For Men In Black 3

Barry Sonnenfield, director of the Men in Black series has confirmed that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will be reprising their roles in Men In Black 3 after years of speculation.
Sonnenfield reveals that Will Smith has been on board for the project for some time now but Tommy Lee Jones' involvement was not so clear, with rumors that Josh Brolin will be replacing him in the third film. Sacha Baron Cohen has also been approached with ideas of playing one of the alien characters in the film, possibly the villain.
At the moment, little is known about the plot of the movie, which Sony will be aiming to get into cinemas by Memorial Day 2011 (that’s May 30, 2011 to the rest of us), but we imagine it’ll involve Agent Jay (Smith) and Kay (Jones) getting in way over their heads with some angry alien beasties.
But Sonnenfeld did drop one more bombshell – MIB III will, like every single film in this or any other post-Avatar universe, will be in glorious 3D.

Source:  Empire Online

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