Monday, February 7, 2011

Love And Other Drugs | Review

Julie Andrews would have a heart attack watching this movie.
I can't even begin to count the number of times Anne Hathaway flashed her tits in butt naked nudity awesomeness in the film. It's like the director and Miss Hathaway were trying to find every possible random situation to have her boobs pop out. They weren't even being modest with it, suggestively covering them like in all those "sex" rom coms. No no no. This was a full on Anne Hathaway Showgirls movie, but still a pretty darn good romantic comedy.
So Love and Other Drugs follows Jamie Randall a pharmaceutical rep played by Jake Gyllenhaal who meets Maggie Murdock, a feisty, shallow photographer who suffers from early Parkinson's disease and the two spends the entire movie fucking each other's brains out while trying so hard not to fall in love but like in every romantic comedy, they ended doing so.
The film is based on a book and from what I've heard, the movie is a very unfaithful adaptation cause the real story of Love and Other Drugs was supposed to be about the life and times of a Viagra salesman. Instead, Love and Other Drugs the movie focuses more on a small segment of the book with it's two leading characters. Now, this is as generic as romantic comedies go. All the archetypes, set ups and conclusions are pretty much the same. The only difference is that the film was in the hands of a competent screenwriter and had two fantastic actors.
When Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal are together on screen, there is just a sparks fly chemistry that's going on between these two. You would not believe that them two aren't doing it in real life. It's a satisfying romance that builds with organic genuine growth and a whole lot of realistic sex. Plus they are just so funny to watch together. The first half of the movie was a shotgun of hilarious jokes being delivered in electrifying fashion between these two and how they react to each other is just as fantastic.
Jake Gyllenhaal was actually the strongest of the two. He plays a very slick, charming, asshole with the heart of gold character that doesn't take much effort to win over the audience. He was smooth, engaging, relatable and honest. I actually found myself wanting to be this character because he's just cool. That and also because he got to stick it in Anne Hathaway.
Anne Hathway does play a great love interest. Finally, a female character in a romantic comedy that acts like a real person and isn't falling over herself to make her look cute like Katharine Heigl in an array of shitty Katherine Heigl movies such as the ever-so-wonderful Killers and Life As We Know It. Hathway's character has great depth to her, wearing all her emotions on her sleeves, making it easier for the audience to understand and connect to some of the outrageous actions and choices her character takes.
Plus she is so naked in this movie............ What was I talking about again.
But I am slightly disappointed that the Viagra story only served as a minor plot device to the film. I would have loved to see a Social Network type movie about Viagra with the love story caught within it. For a romantic comedy, Love and other Drugs supersedes expectations but it still falls into that category of the usual, run of the mill love story. There's really nothing new to this movie. No (500) Days of Summer moment. This was just a well written, well acted romantic comedy that will nonetheless be forgotten in a week or two.
But still, do not let that deter you from enjoying the movie. It is good popcorn flick material, Certainly better than what's been coming out these days. Love and Other Drugs is funny, had moments of heart, had unbelievable chemistry between the two leads, a strong supporting cast and Anne Hathaway's breasts. What more can I say to convince you to see this?

RATING: 5.5/10

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