Monday, February 4, 2008

Juno: Review

Man the Oscars this year must have had some really shitty movies to pick out from since this movie got nominated for Best Picture.
So Juno is kind of like the Little Miss Sunshine of the Oscars this year but the problem is it isn't a good as Little Miss Sunshine. It's about Juno
The director for this is Jason Reitman, the guy who did one of the funniest comedy in a long time, Thank You For Smoking. But in here, I mean the movie is still great and all but I don't get why there is such big buzz around this. I am a big fan of Reitman but I think that this wasn't the film he should have gotten his Best Director nomination over. It just wasn't Oscar material.
But what was really good in Juno were the actors. Ellen Page is totally awesome playing this funky wise-cracking pregnant teen. Juno is almost up there in terms of memorable sleeper characters like Napoleon Dynamite. I don't think she should have gotten nominated for it but it's still a great character. Jennifer Garner is really good as this keen mother-to-be who kind of reminds me of a more subdued Adrian Monk. Jason Bateman is fantastic. Allison Janney and J.K Simmons is great to and are hella funny together.
The only person I really hated here and the one that is getting me all confused on why they cast him is Michael Cera.This dude is by far the worst successful actor in Hollywood. I don't understand how this little wimp is getting so much work cause he practically plays every character the same. A nerdy wimp that has self-esteem issues and mumbles every single line. No.. that's not acting, that's totally Michael Cera. God that guy annoys me to death, seriously. And the funny thing is that in Juno, he is suppose to be playing a jock who's the coolest person Juno's ever met. Shit in my face will ya?
And this movie has some of the weirdest soundtrack I have ever heard. Not that it was a bad thing, but like throughout the movie I keep hearing a bunch of teenage kids singing in high pitch rants. And the weren't even singing real songs, they were more like... what crazy people in asylums would say. But the soundtrack still fits in with the whole mood of the film of being lighthearted. But I'll be damned if they ever make a soundtrack album with those songs.
The screenplay for the movie is really weird to. The character Juno is written in a way that she is mostly funny when she is doing this kind of stand up comedian style of narration to the audience. And we get this throughout the film, the movie stops just so that Juno's narration can be fit in there for a brief funny moment which might work for some stupid people but was really annoying for me. The I see who wrote this and I totally understand now, it's written by some ex-stripper named Diablo. Huh.. even the film's crew is weird. But Juno did have some genuinely funny moments and really heartwarming scenes to boot to.
So am I saying this film was really really bad? No.. for a comedy it's pretty decent with some great characters in there. But Best Picture? Eat my genitals Academy Awards.

RATING: 6/10

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