Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fitna: Review

Okay this isn't much of a review, I just felt like this is something that i really need to talk about.
I'm sure everyone's heard of the movie by now. Fitna is a 15 minute film that's been circulating the Internet talking about how cruel Muslims are and how they are behind every terrorist attack because Allah and the Quran told them so.
Fitna was made by Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician from what I've read. What the hell is this guy's problem? Seriously, which Muslim lady broke you're heart till you became crazy enough to make this movie?
Throughout the film, he shows passages from the Quran that tells Muslims to kill non-Muslims and cause all kinds of terror and stuff like that. Seriously, how dumb does this guy think we are? Does he really expect me to believe his translations completely? The guy can't even spell FITNAH correctly. And I really LOL'd when he tried associating every terrorist act to Muslims. FYI Geert, there is a big difference between terrorists and Muslims. Just because some terrorists are Muslims doesn't mean they all are like that. it's like saying all Chinese are cheapskates just because I am.
But this movie was kinda good in a sense cause it makes us question whether or not what Geert says is really true. So yeah I was kinda interested in that so I went to my old BM teacher's place and read the Quran with her translation. Guess what. Everything Geert Wilders said was shit.
Which brings me to another point. Yes you bloody hypocrite Christians from my youth group. I read the Quran. So what? How does that make me a sinner? What's wrong if a Christian just wants to gain a bit of knowledge about other religions? You know what the really funny part is? These motherfuckers actually asked me to repent for reading the Quran.
 This film and the guys I mentioned above is the disgusting minority of intolerance that make getting along with other people so difficult.

RATING: 0/10

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