Thursday, June 19, 2008

Get Smart: Review

I was incredibly tired from college but I got pulled to see Get Smart. And it was funny as shit! Laughed the whole way through!
So Get Smart is based on a 1960's comedy series about an agent named Maxwell Smart who is assigned with Agent 99 played by Anne Hathaway who are trying to investigate the people behind an attack in CONTROL headquarters and uncovers a plot involving KAOS and lotso nuclear bombs.
The big change that the movie makes from the series is that the character Maxwell Smart is no longer that bumbling incompetent idiot who gets things done on sheer luck. Now we have a character who is a smart man but just makes stupid mistakes which makes the character a whole lot funnier.
Everyone is perfectly cast in this film. We have Steve Carrell who is always funny as hell as Maxwell Smart. We have Anne Hathaway as sexy Agent 99 but still an intelligent woman, The Rock as the undercover villain, Alan Arkin as the Chief and Hiro Nakamura with some other guy playing the sidekicks to Steve Carrell.
Anne Hathaway is smoldering in this movies. And she does a pretty decent job in this. She and Steve Carrell have great chemistry, she's incredibly funny with him and tell me you didn't like it when she tore of her skirt and did the tango. What I need from her right now, is a movie where she's dressed in tight leather and swinging a samurai sword. Yes that is my fantasy. Don't judge me!!!
And why can't The Rock just stick do doing decent roles like in Gridiron Gang and in this one. He's not a bad actor that man, it's just that he's been doing some really shitty kids movies like The Game Plan. He does an okay job in this, nothing to go crazy about but definitely a step up from what he did in The Game Plan.
There's a lot of funny moments I loved in this film. The Cone of Silence bit is hella hilarious, cameos from Bill Murray and The Great muthafuckin Khali were fantastic to. I neve knew the guy could speak fluent English. He was always mumble mumble mumble rarr in WWE. I loved all the James Bond references and parodies and I loved Steve Carrell's humor in this.
The only complain I have is that this didn't have to drag on for 2 bloody hours. I was so tired at the end I could barely remember half of the movie. There were plenty of stuff that they could have shaved off in this. Like that bit with KAOS which really didn't do anything for the story.
So yeah, funny movie.. great characters. What more can you ask for a summer comedy?

RATING: 6/10

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