Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Incredible Hulk: Review

Now I always thought Ang Lee was a great director but I remembered when he made Hulk, man I wanted to slap that Chinese man silly.
On the other hand, this is what a Hulk movie should be. See when it comes to comic book movies, sure we gotta have emotions and character development but too much emo stuff is boring. We gotta have some action man, we gotta have cars blowing up, buildings collapsing and shit. The Incredible Hulk is one heck of a movie that makes me forget all about that turd Ang Lee made a few years back. And though it's not as great as Iron Man, I till enjoyed this film a lot.
So The Incredible Hulk is about Bruce Banner played by Edward Norton who's this scientist that accidentally becomes poisoned with Gamma radiations when an experiment goes bad. Whenever his heart rate reaches a high level, the little scrawny man turns into one bad ass green wonder. The film sets he Hulk story very much in today's world encompassing the military into the plot which opens up the movie to a possibility of an Avengers franchise.
But let's not look to far out just yet. Let's just talk about this kick ass movie. So the first thing that I really loved about Hulk was Edward Norton who plays Bruce Banner. There is simply nothing this guy can't do. I mean, he did Fight Club, he was King Benedict and now he lays a big green guy and he's absolutely kick ass.
He really fits the character of what Bruce Banner should be. Not the muscular Eric Bana in the last film, Bruce Bane is first and foremost.. an ordinary scientist who is always more brains than brawn who gets thrust into this world of violence when he get's his power. He is scared. For himself and of himself and what he could do to the people around him. Edward Norton plays that brilliantly and I identified with his Banner much more than Eric Bana's.
What's also great about this film is that the director was smart in making the decision to edit this movie into s sort of manhunt film. Throughout the movie,we're following Bruce Banner as he is trying to outsmart the military and stay under the radar while he works on a formula to cure his disease. We're tense through most of the film thinking, "Is he gonna escape?" or "Will they catch him?"
The series borrows the premise of the Bourne films in a way where we get some really great action and chase scenes and then the movie stops for a moment of plot development and goes back into more action scenes. The film is tight, it's fast paced and it's fruckin entertainment galore!
The second best performance in this was Tim muthafuckin Roth baby! For a dude that's verging on 50, he's still one bad ass. He plays some sort of super soldier who isn't afraid of the Hulk but fascinated at it's power and goes to great lengths to achieve that same power which of course leads to him becoming The Abomination. The fight scene between Hulk and Abomination is great. It's kind of like Transformers where there is so much stuff going on you can't hardly catch you're breath.
But what I hated was Tim Blake Nelson as this bumbling wise-cracking professor who is really just there to be the comic relief of the film. Now, I loved the guy in O Brother,Where Art Thou but he was downright annoying here. Right where the movie is about to reach it's action packed climax, we get this guy who's practically falling over himself and acting like a total foo. He was playing the exact same character from O Brother. Cant the dude do anything else than just being silly Hill-Billie type of characters?
And do watch out for the Robert Downey Jr. cameo at the end. With something like that,you can bet you're life there's going to be an Avengers movie somewhere down the line. And if they can keep up this streak of fantastic origin stories with Thor, Ant-Man and Captain America.. The Avengers movie is going to be epicness.
So overall The Incredible Hulk is great. Their setting everything up nicely for the real big cheese and I can't wait for that to happen!


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