Monday, April 6, 2009

Jackey Earl Haley is the New Freddy Kruger

Jackey Earl Haley of Watchmen fame is about to become part of the movie that should never be remade. He will be replacing Robert Englund as Freddy Kruger, in the 2010 version of A Nightmare on Elm Street.
 Do I think this is a good casting choice, absolutely. Now am I looking forward to this remake? Hell no! There are just some movies that should never be remade. For God sakes why can't producers get it through their heads. Movie classics like Elm Street should stay classic!

The director for it isn't convincing me much either. His name is Samuel Bayer and this is his directorial debut on a feature film. All this guy has done are music videos. Does this mean he may be a bad director? No. But he certainly isn't experienced. Not experienced enough to have Elm Street entrusted to him.
The film will begin production next month and will be shot in Chicago. Do not screw this up Bayer!

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