Monday, April 6, 2009

X-Men Origins Wolverine: Review

Wow, P2P really kicked FOX in the balls this week. I didn't even find out about this until this morning when I was doing my weekly piracy shopping and the dude went, "Nicholas you are gonna kiss me all over." Ok not exactly in those terms but still.
So for those who don't know what's been going on. Some douche bag from FOX leaked out a DVD quality work print version of X-Men Origins: Wolverine which is a really big deal because the movies not due for another month. Just let me make this one clear. I think that this was really really bad. It's one thing to bootleg a movie after it's theatrical release but to slam it down this hard when it hasn't had a chance to be released yet is just wrong.
I know I bought it, because I really couldn't resist watching. And before any authorities start suing me or draging me off to ISA, I promise you I won't give out any spoilers or show it to anyone. You have my word. But I will say this in FOX's favour. The DVD I bought lacked at least half an hour of the movie and the effects weren't touched up yet. So please, if you really want to enjoy the full movie, watch it when it comes out in the cinema. I will.
But I'll just do a little review of it just to give you a gist of what it was like. X-Men Origins Wolverine is a solid summer film. No it's not as good as X-2 but I think it's definitely better than Last Stand, and I haven't even seen the full movie yet. The film tied in well with the previous X-Men installments and I can't wait for them to do the ones on Magneto and Phoenix (if they do her)
The pacing of the entire film is kind of based on the Bourne film's formula, which is it starts out with some really kick ass action, then have a little moment of plot development, then more action all the way through and stop for a breather to get a little more story into the movie. I think it was effective, the action scenes were really really cool. Though the storyline got a bit bland after awhile to the point it felt a little long-winded. But hey that's just me.
Hugh Jackman gave a good performance like he always does. This time it's back to his usual physical appeal instead of his acting but he did give an honest portrayal of Logan and he carries the whole film well.
And one more thing I gotta say. Gambit is effing cool. That's all I'm gonna say about the movie. If you wanna watch it, I won't tell you it's wrong to download it, even though it is. But please please watch the theatrical version. I will do a more proper review once the full movie's out.

RATING: 5/10

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