Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Human Centipede (First Sequence): Review

......... Wow. The Human Centipede. Take this title very literally. And if you know what's good for your soul. Do not watch this movie.
But I'm not saying this because the film was bad. Far from it. The Human Centipede is by far one of the most original, soul provoking, groundbreaking horror films I have seen in a long time. The film came out last year and by word of mouth from fellow movie reviewers,  have been searching all over for this film. And let me tell you, it completely blew my mind.
The Human Centipede is about two American tourists who are captured by Doctor Heiter, a renowned German surgeon who has this sick fantasy to create a human centipede by joining the digestive tracts of three human beings via the mouth and anus to create a living human centipede. So how it works is that the first person eats and then he'll shit into the mouth of the person behind him and then that person will shit into the mouth of the one behind her and then that person will shit all their shit out. Ugghh.
My God where do I even begin to talk about this movie.. It's just different, you know. The Human Centipede is going to gain the same notoriety as The Blair Witch Project because of the level of human cruelty and psychological hell it puts it's audience through. But don't think that this was a really bloody, disgusting gore movie. Matter of fact, there's barely any blood in this. And yet the movie still sent chills down my spine just thinking about these people and the things they are going through as the human centipede.
There is one scene.. one goddamn scene, where the head of the centipede has to shit, and he begins defecating into the mouth of the girl behind him whose attached to his anus. And the girl is all like, trying to scream and the guy is like, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" And Doctor Heiter is just going, "Yes... feed her! Feed her!"
But as I was saying, we weren't shown any of these scenes literally. The film finds a nice middle ground with the disgusting scenes and bloody gore and chooses to let the audience's mind fuck with them. I have heard stories that most people walked out of the cinema when the film was playing. And to be honest, i don't fucking blame them.
Dieter Laser is spine chilling as Doctor Heiter.  mean, this man is just so bloody cruel and messed up inside... Jesus Christ man. There is a scene where he is explaining to the three people how he is going to perform the operation to make the human centipede, and it will just make your skin crawl. The three actors of the human centipede are great to. Their mostly whimpering and crying throughout the film, which was great cause it made it harder for me to watch them. I particularly like Akihiro Kitamura who's the head of the human centipede, who has a really great monologue towards the end of the film.
If you think your stomach and nerves can handle this movie. Message me and I'll give you a copy of the film. I fucking dare you.Just be prepare for the mind fuck of your life.

RATING: 7/10

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