Monday, May 3, 2010

Toy Story 1 & 2 3-D Double Feature: Review

Now, who the hell in their right mind, that isn't born in the 90's or has kids would not want to watch two of the greatest CG animated films on the big screen again. And only for RM18. Not for each. For both of them combined!
I'm not going to go into the plot talk of both films because we all already know what Toy Story and Toy Story 2 are about. And if you don't, I seriously recommend you hang yourself this instance. But I will talk about this one of a kind cinema going experience. For a limited time only, in build up for the release of Toy Story 3, cinemas are releasing Toy Story 1 and 2 as one movie in 3-D.
And being someone who has faithfully watched the two films several times over the past decade, I was really worried about wasting my money on this. But thankfully this was not the case for the Double Feature. Nothing was changed in the two films but they still remain compelling and vibrant as the day I first saw them in the cinema. But if you still need convincing to go spend 3 and a half hours in the cinema watching movies you already know by heart, read on.
This is the kind of feature you got to watch with a big crowd of people your age who have also grown up with the Toy Story series. I watched it with a half empty cinema but there were people cheering and going, "Oh yeah I remember that!" and "Ooooooooh!" all the way through. Seriously guys, the nostalgia in this is amazing and can only be realized when watching it with a big crowd.
But if you ain't the sentimental type, this is the first time the two Toy Story's are being shown in cinema digital format. “But I already own both of them on DVD!  Why should I pay RM18 to see what I already own!" Fuck you! A TV screen is nothing compared to watching these classics on the big screen. Even the age flaws I picked up from the film was a nostalgic treat for me. Going back to see the first Toy Story after 15 years from it's official release makes you realize how different animation was back then and now and how much the first one pioneered CG animated films today.
As for the 3D, the feature takes note from the 3D usage of How Train Your Dragon and uses it mostly as a tool to provide more depth of field to the movies instead of purposely going for the mindless, unnecessary “Hey!  It’s 3D cominattcha effect" like that piece of shit Clash of the Titans. Look out for the rocket scene in Toy Story and the road crossing scene in Toy Story 2, which were just pure awesomeness in 3D.
But the show does get tiring since it is really long and in 3D. Unlike in Avatar, I guess the old animation style and 3D in the Toy Story feature isn't as audience friendly I guess. The feature really does take a toll on your eyes. Oh and buy lotso food and bring in a sweater cause it was brutally cold in the cinema.
But if anything else, you should go for this to experience the original form of movie going format of having an intermission break. See a long long time ago, movies were hideously and dreadfully long, so there would always be an intermission break for the audience to chill. And I did hear there were some short Pixar films playing during the 15 minute intermission for the audience who stayed in the cinema, but I wouldn't know cause I left to make a PP.
 Seriously guys, you do not want to miss this unique experience. Now.. let's have a triple feature when Toy Story 3 comes out! Muahaha.

RATING: 9/10

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