Monday, September 27, 2010

Devil: Review

Man that Shyamalan just cannot catch a break can he?
Devil.... El Diablooo. A film that would have drawn less negative responses to it if that Indian fucker had only kept his name out of the producer credits. And with only 2 months since the complete destruction of The Last Airbender under his hands, it's a wonder how this movie even grossed a profit.
Devil revolves around a group of 5 people who gets trapped in an elevator and after a few "mysterious" incidences and attacks, they come to find that one of them is in fact the devil disguised in human form.
You know what, I'm not even gonna waste time talking much about this film, the taste of Shyamalan's last film is still n my mouth and I cannot utter another 4 paragraphs about this one without puking my guts out. The story is boring, contrived and predictable from start to finish. Anyone who has seen more than one M. Night Shyamalan film would have been able to guess who the devil was halfway through the movie. Hint: Just because everyone in the elevator suspects one person doesn't mean that person is the devil. And stop acting shocked when you find out the devil is actually the old lady. OOPPSIEEE!
The acting was nothing imaginative. For a film with 5 people stuck in a very enclosed space with a demonic deity, you'd think that the other 4 would lose their fucking minds but of course Shyamalan is too dumb to think up anything realistic so for 1 hour 30 minutes we have a guessing game of who is the devil when everyone should be focusing on getting the fuck out of the elevator. "What? Really? The devil is among me in a very very small enclosed space? I'm just gonna sit my ass down here and not try to claw my way out because I really want to know which of these other 4 people is the devil. Yayyy!"
But the film does have some creepy moments that did make me jump from my chair. Yes, they were using mostly jump scares for the shock value of it's horror but at the very least they know how to build up and sell a jump scare unlike the fuckers from A Nightmare On Elm Street that made it too obvious for the audience. Hint: When the movie gets really quiet and the camera is close up to a person's face, a jump scare is gonna happen in 3 seconds. How you people still not know this is really surprising.
Oddly enough the ending of Devil actually needed classic Shyamalan. They sold you a very blatant straight forward, uninspiring concept of the Devil but Shyamalan could have left it in a very ambiguous finale that will have the audience talking about it after and feeling a little bit more creeped out. But the fucker was too busy ruining a franchise. So..... thanks.
Devil is a bland piece of horror, unoriginal, Saw ripoff, poorly written, predictable till the very end with an ending that the director think will get you all riled up like in Inception but falls flat and leaves whoever had the misfortune of not sneaking into the cinema to leave feeling not only underwhelmed but cheated.
I shall now pop in The Sixth Sense to remember the good times. The times when you did not fucking suck.

RATING: 4/10

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