Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maggie Grace & Mackenzie Foy Joins The Cast of Breaking Dawn

See Maggie? Told you you shouldn't have left Lost. Now you done stuck with them Twilight people.
USA Today has just announced that Maggie Grace of Lost fame will be joining the cast of Twilight for the first half of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. I'm not really sure what she's playing but they says it's some vampire that wants revenge on Bella. When will they stop with the revenge-ing on Bella already? What is so interesting about Bella that warrants 100 year old vampires to take revenge? GAWD!

But she will also be joined by 9 year old newcomer Mackenzie Foy who will be playing Renesmee Cullen. Apparently in the book, when Bella shoots her out of her vag, the little kid is literally going to chew up her amniotic sac. SWEET!

The two part finale of the God awful series will be directed by Oscar winning director Bill Condon who was last seen helming Dreamgirls and Gods and Monster. Tell you what, if there's anyone who could make a tolerable ending to Twilight, it's this guy.

But till then we can rest assured that the next Twilight movie won't be coming out until 2012. A whole year without Bella Swan. We have earned this rest my friends.

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