Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Other Guys | Review

So I'm sitting in the cinema watching this movie right, and I swear I really wanted to get off my seat and scream at the rest of the audience, "DA FUCK YOU LAUGHING ABOUT?! THIS SHIT AIN'T FUNNY!"
The Other Guys, or as how I call it, Those Two Retards.So this film is about Will Ferrell and Mark Whalberg who play cops who are kind of pussies. They get no action, don't even got a real gun and they get bullied doing paperwork and stuff all the time. And then we have The Rock and Samuel-fucking-L. Jackson who are the stars of the police department who get killed after an accident, giving Ferrell and Whalberg the opportunity to step up and be good policemen. And then there's some fraud stuff, and the split up and they fight the rich bad guys, and the whole world is saved and they reached a realization that being famous cops ain't all that and the movie ends.
Now I saw this other movie called Cop Out earlier this year and as lazy as that movie was, The Other Guys blows Cop Out sky high. The plot conveniences that happens in this movie is so ridiculously fucked that I cannot even begin to fathom the retardedness of the scriptwriter.  There are plot twists and things that happen in this movie that will never ever happen in real life. A normal average dude with the I.Q of a snail would watch this movie and go, "Well why can't he just do this instead of that,' or "Naw that don't make no sense."
I really don't get why people are digging the shit outta this movie. I mean seriously people, seriously, where was the funny in this movie? I was sitting in that theatre just praying that they would do a fart or poop joke because I was bored as shit. Maybe it's just me and I need smart intelligent humor to keep me amused, but I really couldn't understand what the fuck people were laughing at in the cinema. And don't you go telling me I ain't got no sense of humor, you're probably one of them retards who think White Chicks is a comedy.
The one thing that I like from The Other Guys is the opening 10 minutes where Ferrell and Whalberg were no where in sight and the audience were treated to the badassness of The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson. Say what you want, but those guys are the shit. I really wished they were in this movie more. You know, maybe like change the story to make it a buddy cop movie where the department assigns the two loser-est cops to the two best cops in the city in hopes that they can teach the retards a thing or two and through the course of the film develop friendship and conflicts.... you know.... regular movie plot writing 101.
But instead we have a full movie of Will Ferrell being Will Ferrell and Mark Whalberg subconsciously thinking how he got from being in The Departed to being in this piece of shit. And the two of them would have worked if the director decided early on that he was going to do an unapologetic, retarded, outlandish comedy film. That formula might just have worked in the context of this story, but it just wasn't funny.
The Other Guys was too overindulgent for it's own good. The film falls into every major cliche of a buddy cop movie we have all seen before. The movie is just going through the motions using the same plot devices and the same twists, without any inspiring ideas to make it fresh. This movie is just another lame action movie. Shame on you Mark Whalberg.

RATING: 2.5/10

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