Friday, January 22, 2010

The Blind Side: Review

How this movie is being loved by so many people is just beyond me. The Blind Side is complete bullshit I kept laughing to myself at how silly this story is.

Yes I know the movie is based on a true story but c'mon.. anyone who has a slightest knowledge in racial understanding knows this sort of thing can NEVER happen in real life. Leigh Ann Touhy's case is one in a million, God bless her but this is soooo stupid.

The Blind Side tells the story of Michael Oher, an NFL football player. Before he became successful, he was a homeless kid with no direction in life. In come Sandra Bullock's character with her Christian family who saw him wandering in the streets and decided to adopt him. Sandra Bullock feeds him, buys him clothes, buys him a fucking SUV, and makes him play football when he never said he was interested in football.

Now let me say it one more time.. yes this is a true story and all this really happen. I'm not going to critic the actual events, I'm going to talk about this in the context of how it was portrayed in the film.

Imagine if you were a poor homeless kid and a rich family whom you have never met before suddenly picks you off the streets, be incredibly friendly, buy you everything you ever wanted and suddenly say, "Hey... so we did all these nice things for you.. now we want you to play football for us." Wouldn't you suspect that there is something fishy going on? Wouldn't you think that they are only doing this so that they can use you to be a sports asset for them?

Can't any of you see the racial undertones here??

There is one point that made me totally lose interest in the movie. The moment Sandra Bullock bought the black kid a brand new SUV. WTF! The guy doesn't even question why on earth she bought him a car.. he didn't even ask for it. And what do you expect when you let a homeless kid take you're 10 year old son for a ride? He gets into a horrific accident, the kid gets injured and Sandra Bullock just says.. "I forgive you" WTF!

That aside, Sandra Bullock plays this impossible role wonderfully. Leigh Anne Touhy is her best role in a long time. She never lost her Southern accent throughout the whole movie and you do have this sickening urge to root for this woman. Did she deserve the Golden Globe? I wished it went to Gaby Sidibe for Precious but Sandra does deserve it.

 I really dislike Quinton Aaron's performance. Every time you see him, he looks like he's either on the verge oif crying or is constipated. I don't know if it was just poor acting or it was intended that way by the directors. And don't give me this is a true story bullshit. At the end of the movie they showed pics of the real Michael Oher and he was one bad ass tough guy.

One point where Blind Side got interesting was when all the racial undertones were finally confronted in what I thought was a very well written scene. It came very late towards the end of the film but better than  never. An NAACP investigation suspects that Sandra Bullock is only doing this so that Michael will play football for her college which she is a part of the administration I guess. So I was like, "Oh finally, their going to answer all the questions I have and this will finally unravel to be a good movie.." But it never happens.

The black kid goes "Nooo fuck you! They my family, they never hurt me.. I loves them." And that's the end of the movie. And I was like... sighh. I hate the most is the final message of the film when Sandra Bullock drops off Michael in college and pats herself on the back for rescuing this poor black kid and thinking how much his life would have been screwed up if she and her white family hadn't shown him mercy.

A way they could have minimized all these sublimal racial undertones was simply switch Michael Oher as the narrator instead of Leigh Anne. Turn this story of how Sandra Bullock's character was merciful to this black kid into a story of how the black kid is appreciative to a woman who showed him unconditional love. Turn it into a Mother's Day movie if you will.

Watch this for Sandra Bullock's performance and if anyone wants to debate how I perceived the movie, please do. Because I really really can't see why people love this movie so much. I do not condone what the real Leigh Anne Touhy did. I'm not saying that those who help less fortunate people aren't doing it sincerely. I'm just saying that how all this came of in the movie was offensive.

RATING: 4/10

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