Monday, January 18, 2010

Sherlock Holmes: A Very Late Review

I attempted to watch Sherlock Holmes 3 times. One time all my friends who I was suppose to see it with ffk'd (bloody bastards haha) The second time, I went to GSC, so excited I am finally gonna watch it and then my friend goes, " Surprise! We're gonna see Paranormal Activity instead!" (bitch) So the third time I finally got to see it, and hell was this movie worth the wait.

Sherlock Holmes is the character based on Arthur Conan Doyle's novels. This film however portrays the character as an eccentric. This guy is really weird.. brilliant, but weird. The movie deals with a sorcerer, Lord Blackwood whom Holmes has put behind bars. Blackwood is executed but is mysteriously resurrected from the dead to begin wreaking havoc in London. In comes Sherlock Holmes and his trusted sidekick Dr. Watson, once again to solve the mystery. and catch Blackwood before it's too late.

Robert Downey Jr. totally deserves his Golden Globe win for playing Sherlock Holmes. This guy can practically play any character possible. He's done Charlie Chaplin, he's done Tony Stark, Paul Avery, Joe Wershba and now the mastermind himself.. Sherlock Holmes.

He is fantastic as the detective. He pulls out each line with incredible humor which brings new light to the usually dark character.

I made this comparison after I left the cinema, something I kept noticing while watching the film. And no one agrees with me, hopefully you guys do.. I thought Sherlock Holmes was a lot like Captain Jack Sparrow. Okay let me explain. The way Sherlock acts is so reminiscent of Cpt. Sparrow. The outlandish behavior, the 'makes things up as he goes along' persona. Even their musical themes are sort of the same. You know.. the 'this is a very dangerous situation and you are not taking this seriously!' tone.

Right right right? Or probably it's because they are both done by Hans Zimmer. But anyway.. bottom line is Sherlock Holmes is the new Jack Sparrow. So grotesquely in your face yet you can't get enough of him. He's that crazy character everyone loves to watch just cause he is such a juxtaposition.

Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. are so great together. You can't hold a straight face watching them give each other shit throughout the whole movie. The film is incredibly hilarious but still maintains the same wit of a British film. I hope they make a Brit sitcom series about Holmes and Watson as roommates. That would be like my fantasy wish, yes.. don't judge me!

 Rachel McAddams is HOT. Nothing else to add sir.

I loved the first 2 parts of the film where it was the classic detective story of Sherlock trying to solve the case.. with retarded humor might I add. It's the 3rd act that really lost me. The detective story suddenly turned into a Jerry Bruckheimer movie. Wow suddenly there's a doomsday machine that they have to disarm, slow motion fights on a suspension bridge, a lot of explosions... I still like Sherlock Holmes, don't get me wrong.. it just turned into a completely different film from the first half hour of the movie. I was going like "Whaaa?"

I am definitely looking forward to the Holmes sequel. I hope they stay within the premise of the first film of being first and foremost a detective comedy, and not sell out to become an action film like what happened with the POTC sequels. Loved the film, t just lost me completely at the end, but it's still a very good, smart popcorn flick.

RATING: 6/10

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