Sunday, January 31, 2010

Moon: Review

Wow this was a very disturbing show. Moon kind of reminded me of Requiem For A Dream because right after the movie finished I was kind of depressed. But I liked this movie man. It was a really ballsy sci-fi drama and given the small budget it worked with, this film is almost as good as District 9. The only difference is, D9 was more of an action film.. Moon is more of a psychological drama.
Moon is a story of Sam Bell, a solitary man working on the moon for 3 years harvesting solar energy to be packaged and sent to Earth. Though he does have company in the form of GERTY, his robot assistant, the 3 years alone has taken a psychological toll on Sam. When Sam is 2 weeks from completing his working contract, strange things begin to happen that challenges the very fabric of his humanity and soul.
Sam Rockwell is fantastic in this movie playing multiple versions of his character who are slowly losing sanity and will to live after discovering terrible facts about his existence. I really wanna say what those facts are because it will make this review much easier to understand but I can't spoil it. It really is a shocker what goes down with his character in the movie and Rockwell is amazing in the role. He practically carries the weight of the film and he does it incredibly well. He should get nominated for an Oscar.
I liked Kevin Spacey as GERTY. A really nice homage to HAL 9000. What I thought would play out with his character didn't exactly happen here which was a nice surprise but I think Moon would have had much better suspense and tension if GERTY became like HAL and go all SkyNet on Sam Rockwell.
I love love love the art direction in Moon. The set pieces of the moon base is gorgeous, really well done and a great throwback to classic sci-fi films like 2001: A Space Odyssey. The cinematography and visual effects were impressive given the budget of the movie.
One thing I didn't like about Moon was that it took a bit too long to build up to the big reveal of the movie. So for a good 45 minutes I'm left thinking what on earth is going on and slightly bored. But damn, when it get's there it just blows you out of your seat.
Moon is going to be a cult classic I guarantee. It's just that not many people has seen this yet. It's going to get that same status as The Thing and The Fly which weren't popular movies but gained strong fan following after a few years. It's a very disturbing sci-fi drama with a fantastic performance by Sam Rockwell. Moon's worth checking out ya'll! I got the DVD who wants???

RATING: 8/10

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