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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Meet The New Superman: Henry Cavill

Zack Snyder's production of The Man of Steel finally has it's Superman. British actor Henry Cavill, known for his TV role on the period drama The Tudors among other screen credits like The Count of Monte Cristo and Stardust.
He has apparently been super close to playing numerous iconic screen characters. He lost out to Daniel Craig for the Bond movies, The Green Lantern, Batman and even Twilight. Lucky he dodged that bullet huh? From the looks of it, this couldn't have happened to a better guy after hearing all the misses he's gotten. Still not all too convinced he can pull of Superman. I liked Brandon Routh.

The Man of Steel is written by David S. Goyer of FlashForward, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight with producer Christopher Nolan attached, as well as Zack Snyder of Watchmen and Legend of the Guardians helming. Watch out for it in 2012. This should be good.

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