Friday, March 7, 2008

10,000BC: Review

I really tried to like this movie. I really, really did. 10,000BC was no doubt a very good popcorn movie, but it failed on so many levels.
This movie came off as a very strong rip-off of Mel Gibson's Apocalypto. Even the story line is the same. Half naked guy with bulging muscles is the protector of his village and lover of the most beautiful babe in the tribe. Sadly..half naked guy with bulging muscles loses everything after another tribe on horses (which shouldn't exist in 10,000BC) came along, sacked the village and kidnapped his babe. Heartbroken, half naked guy with bulging muscles goes on a quest to reclaim his beau by WALKING through different climate zones, whilst fighting off sabretooth tigers and giant man-eating Dodos.
For what it's worth, 10,000BC boasts the most breathtaking cinematography and CGI I have ever seen since Lord Of The Rings. The acting was good and the actors are just so fine. Especially Camilla Belle (yes people..I'm still straight). The score and sound effects are incredibly terrifying and it just adds to the tension and suspense the action scenes creates. So an A+ to the producers for that.
It's story line flowed pretty well though some huge chunks of it were dispensable. For example, there was this whole plot line about half naked guy's babe being the bringer of life and shares a spiritual connection with an oracle back at their ravaged village.
And Camilla Belle looks hot in this! Clearly they only added this in because they needed a girl for the guys to gawk at or else for the entire 3 hours they would just be watching half naked guys running everywhere. (*hint hint* rip off from 300). Other than that, the plot left a lot of pot holes which weren't filled up and the ending was one of the most Hong Kong drama type of movie endings ever.
Clearly the director didn't do his homework in tying things together and this made the movie run on longer than it should have been. This movie was sort of a let down, prior to the hype it created but for what it's worth, I think 10,000BC is a fun way of passing the time.

RATING: 4/10

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