Sunday, March 30, 2008

No Country For Old Men: Review

They gave this movie Best Picture? Seriously? I thought it sucked. Hah! Turns out I don't like everything the Academy likes.
So, No Country For Old Men is directed by the Coen brothers who did O Brother, Where Art Thou? one of my favorite Goerge Clooney movies. But these guys have this thing of breaking the rules in film making by doing some really weird stuff that makes no sense but frequently gets mistaken for artistic brilliance.
No Country For Old Men is a crime thriller adapted from a book about a hunter played by Josh Brolin who comes across a heap of dead bodies, tonnes of heroine and 2 million dollars in what appears to be a drug exchange gone bad. He thinks he's struck gold and thinks he can keep it quiet. But a silent mercenary named Anton Chigurh is one his trail and the hunter is thrown into a deadly chase for his life.
I think No Country would have been great as an action thriller movie where there is just the blood and guns, but Best Picture? Are you kidding me? I mean, I loved the film for the most part. The whole manhunt between Llewelyn and Anton is filled with suspense. I get on the edge of my seat for a good 30 minutes of the film and what goes down in this film is really violent.
I loved the cinematography of the film just like how I love the cinematography in every Coen brothers film. The shots of the Rio Grande desert is breathtaking and should have gotten an Oscar for that. The editing of the film is really tight. It doesn't give you one moment to lighten up. The moment Javier Bardem starts killing people, things just go on one crazy roller coaster ride to hell!
And Javier Bardem! My God I worship this man. I am genuinely terrified by Anton Chigurgh, Jesus Christ this guy was scary. There is this one scene where he is choking a Federal Marshall with his handcuffs, the look that was on his face said everything about his character. There is no mercy in this man. He plays this spine chilling psychotic killer that decides the survival of his victims with a coin toss. Kind of like Harvey Dent but with a big ass gun.
And I'm slightly confused about his gun. So.. is it an air gun or something. Cause at the beginning of the film he shoots a guy in the head using nothing but air, which is friggin awesome. And he goes through the rest of the film killing people with that same gun. So is it an air gun or something? Is there such thing as that? Cause if there is.. I want one of those!!
So with so much great stuff to say about the film, why do I hate it? It was the ending. What the fuck was the ending all about. With about 20 minutes to go in the film, the Llewelyn & Anton story finished of in an unclimatic finale that we didn't even get to see cause it happened off screen. Then the film picks up with another story following Tommy Lee's character as he investigates and close the film talking about his dream that completely makes no sense.
Why? Why do they do this to me. They make a great movie that is genuinely terrifying, great suspense and a body count that can put all the Rambo movies to shame only to screw it all up on purpose at the end. What the hell is that all about? I get that the Coen's never do conventional films but this was just silly. It just get's me so mad that they made me love the development of the film so much and then ends it by spitting in my face.
You know what? For what it's worth, watch No Country for about 70% of it. The just tune out cause you'll really go "Whaaa" at the end. Best Picture my ass!

RATING: 6/10

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