Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kristen Kreuk is Chun-Li!

As you guys may have already heard, there is going to be a Street Fighter movie coming out in 2009 and guess who's the main character? CHUN-LI!!! Finally, something good from Street Fighter. For my entire childhood , I can never watch the show without seeing Jean-Claude Van Damme try to speak proper English half-naked.
Cmon guys you know its true. The only reason why we watched Street Fighter last time was for Chun-Li. I don't exactly remember her superpower but I know it had something to do with her long, luscious legs (see..drooling adi). And the best part is that Smallville's Kristen Kreuk is going to play the part. She so fine.....
I think the movie is going to be called Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li but it sounds too cheesy so maybe it's just a working title. Coz Chun-Li is not old, and therefore cannot be legend, yet. Or maybe they're going to make a movie about an old, dried up Chun-Li in an old folks home reminiscing about her heydays and thats why its called The Legend Of Chun Li.....OMG! I'm spoiling my own hype! I just hope they don't turn it into another spin-off failure like Elektra. Keep it simple, show a lot of flesh, a lot of exploding things and none of that hero crap.
Well, we just wait and see la. But now back to Kristen. After seeing her acting in Smallville, do you think she can play someone as big as Chun-Li? My answer........
She sure can! Muahaha

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