Friday, March 7, 2008

Step Up 2 The Streets: Review

This is actually the second dance movie that I've watched. the first was Step Up and I was bored to death. There was practically no character development and the story went no where. it just launches into one dance sequence after another but what to's a dance movie mah. It's only saving grace was Jenna Dewan..she so fine....
Now as much as I tried to hate this movie, coz these types of flicks aren't exactly my kind of thing but I have to say, they did a pretty good job on this. Sure it was just like every other dance movie. The acting sucked, the script was boring and the plot went no where. But what made Steep up 2 special was just the freakin sick dance choreography. Movies like this weren't made to have good story lines or character development. It clearly relied on the dancing front and my God, i was completely blown away! Unconvinced? Watch this:
That aside, I felt that the producers could have developed the supporting characters more, especially the crew members who joined the main characters during the middle of the show. The story actually provided a lot of dysfunctional yet loveabale side characters which takes us away from our usual perception of dancers.
I mean think about it. If I asked you to describe the physical appearance of a dancer, you'd probably come up with the usual good looking, well toned body with a hip hop/cool personality kind of character. Now theres nothing wrong about that, but the media keeps associating the good lookers to talent that we begin to stereotype those who aren't good looking as people with no talent. Just look at all the talent shows like American Idol or dance movies like the first Step Up or Honey.
The people in it are all primed and flawless with nice bodies and that kind of Lucas Scott personality, and that is the illusion the media has created. Step Up 2 reminds us that talent is more than skin deep by adding in a supporting cast from the bottom rungs of the social ladder. There were geeks, hippies and Asians..but damn they got moves and not a "HOLLY SHIT THIS IS SO COOL" moment goes by when they dance and they totally outshone the leads.
I particularly liked this guy named Adam G. Sevani who played this super geek, Moose sickeningly well. And my God, yes! He dance very chun..And this was what I really liked about Step Up 2, because it also had a lesson beneath all the dance repertoires.
Fine I admit it, I liked this movie. It was different than the usual movies I watch but I enjoyed it immensely. I guarantee after watching this, you will be having a hard time trying to stop your foot from popping.

RATING: 5/10

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