Wednesday, August 6, 2008

21: Review

You know what? I gotta learn how to do that card counting thing.If it means gettig loads of cash and banging Kate Bosworth at the same time, then why not?
So 21.. I like this movie. The film is actually based on true events of 5 MIT kids and how they changed the world of gambling when they found out a way of being able to determine what cards are coming out of the deck using Maths. The movie is about Ben Campbell, a young prodigy wit no life who gets drawn by his professor into the art of card counting. Every weekend, he and a team go to Las Vegas and win massive amounts of cash by card counting. But their winning streak is about to end when the Las Vegas security guys are beginning to figure them out.
But Kevin Spacey is fantastic as always when he plays villains. This man oozes suave from every pore and hits each line perfectly. Not much of a surprise that he was good in this, after all.. he is Kaiser muthafucking Soze!
Something that did bother me is that in the real 21 story, the main character was a Chines guy who also made a cameo as a dealer in the movie. But this is Hollywood and we can't have Chinese guys as the main character so we're just gonna put in Jim Sturgess instead. Yeah he did a great job but they had a Chinese guy in the cast anyway, so why cant they use him to be the main character instead of making his character one of those bumbling sidekicks.
And Laurence Fishburne is great here to. He hasn't had much roles since The Matrix series where he is playing a bad ass. It's nice to see him back playing those characters that are always one step ahead of the others and being one kick ass dude while doing it.
What I didn't like 21 and something they could have done without is all he frat boy humor. Yes this is a movie about college kids but with such great material for them to work around with, why Earth do they think they need to inject some useles teen humor to make the film good?
Oh and Kate Bosworth is hella hot in here. And when you have a movie that's set in Vegas and there's lotso hookers and strippers running around and the only girl you're looking at is Kate Bosworth.. Woo she's one good looking woman.
I can't really think of anything else that can make 21 a better movie.. bu at the same time, I felt that there was more the filmmakers could have done with the material. But yeah 21 is enjoyable, definitely fine to check out in the cinema.

RATING: 6/10

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