Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Strangers: Review

Now... Everyone knows, I hate horror. I can never watch horror films particularly ghost movies where there is that creepy factor. I watch all sorts of movies but I never ever watch horror. The last one I saw was The Ring and even that shit freaked me out. The person who invented the horror genre is one sick man. SICK! The only person sicker is the one who made me watch this film. Joanne Lie!!
The Strangers is a movie based on true events that took place in 2005 on a couple named Kristen McKay and James Hoyt. They're a couple who is going through some rough times in their relationship and were just hanging out in their summer home when 3 strange people in masks begin to terrorize them.
The story is predictable and repetitive. Psychos terrorize boy and girl, boy and girl run, boy and girl fights back, psycho catches boy and girl, psycho kills boy and girl, end of movie. This film had no plot, objective or reason. They never justified why the strangers were terrorizing the two leads. We never even get to see their faces for that matter. So throughout the 90 minutes, you just see the two leads running around screaming.
Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman try to do the best they can with the little material they have but overall the acting was flat. And the stability of the camera shooting the movie was worse than Cloverfield. Seriously, the scenes were so shaky. See even the cameraman was scared.
However, I can't say this movie was boring. To tell you the truth I was I was scared shitless. Maybe to those who watch horror regularly, this may be nothing, but for me, OMG I could have had a heart attack watching it.
 Now this isn't a ghost film. There aren't any flying sprites or moving furniture but the masks that these strangers have were just the freakiest things I've ever seen. I'm okay when I watch gory films like Saw where i know the character who's doing these bad things but what I can't stand is when I don't know anything about the antagonist let alone, can't see their face. It just sends chills down me every time I look at their masks.
 The main draw of the movie were the 3 strangers no doubt. The masks that these guys wore were freaky scary and it's gonna haunt me for many years to come. It's very disturbing when we find out the reason why they were terrorizing the couple. I was going, "WTF" and at the same time going, "Holy shit, these people are psycho!"
My favorite stranger was Dollface, who was the only stranger to speak in the movie. Was kinda surprised when I found out on imdb that Dollface was played by Gemma Ward. Holy shit! I didn't even know she acts. She's that Australian supermodel who dated Heath Ledger...... No wonder he died.
Please don't make me watch another horror movie again. please, please, please, please.

RATING: 5/10 

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