Monday, August 25, 2008

Make It Happen: Review

So... this is one of those movies that's really horrible but i love the hell out of so please bare with me. I'll probably change my rating about this after a week or so once the hormones die a little.
OMG this movie is the sex! Hahaha man I made those whistling noises in the cinema throughout the goddamn show I thought the security was gonna throw me out!
So this movie is about Lauryn who dreams to be a successful dancer and takes up a job at a burlesque club to start out her career. The dance soon consumes her and she becomes well known as she discovers it to be the source of both conflict and self-enlightenment.
Make It Happen is practically the same as any other dance film we've seen. Girl has a dream of being a great dancer, girl has some drama in her past which holds her back, other bitches are mean to girl and dance better than her, girl works hard and becomes better than bitches, girl becomes goddess of sex, girl has some conflict, girl resolves conflict by dancing, end of movie.
What makes this movie tolerable is the dance scenes which are hella hella sexy. And I don't mean X-Rated like Showgirls but titillating enough to make you go "DAMN!" The film is kind of like Coyote Ugly only this time they show more skin, have longer, sexier dances and the main character is fruckin hot!
Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I love this girl. Kinda sad that she's stuck doing B-rated movies like Sky High and Final Destination 3. This girl could be a supermodel or something. I her acting great? No. Is her dancing great? No. Is her body-- HELL YEAH! She is one damn sexy chick.
The only person who upstages Winstead is Julissa Bermudez who is the bitch of the movie. And damn is she bitchy. But let's not look at her acting, just focus on those legs.. Thank you God! Her cabaret scenes were awesome as well, especially when she rips her red dress and goes all Elizabeth Berkley on the stage.
But other than the girls and the dancing, there's nothing much to look forward to in here. The storyline is so predictable it's almost funny how much they try to make it their own. The dialog is bad and so is the acting.
But I'm not considering any of that because I got what I wanted out of it. I got tits, I got ass, I got Mary Elizabeth Winstead.. now I need to go jerk.

RATING: 3/10 (Used to be 6 but I came to my damn sense)

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