Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bolt: Review

Disney Animation Studios makes a comeback after killing itself with Chicken Little and Meet The Robinsons with Bolt.Which, surprisingly is a pretty darn cool movie.
 Bolt is about a dog named Bolt who's voiced by John Trovolta. Bolt is the star of is own show where he is a super dog with superpowers and has to protect his owner from being kidnapped by these terrorist who wants to use her to blackmail her dad into making weapons for them. The problem is that Bolt thinks that the whole TV show is real. He genuinely believes his owner voiced by Miley Cyrus is in danger and that he has superpowers. So when a mishap happens and Bolt escapes into the real world, he gets into all kinds of trouble cause he still thinks he's a super dog and he goes on this road trip to try and reunite with his owner.
Think Buzz Lightyear and Homeward Bound and you'll get Bolt. It's the classic Disney story of some guy who thinks he's special but finds out he was living a lie but through the challenges in the movies, he learns that he is special in his own way. Bla bla bla, how touching. We've seen this a million times but Bolt has what most Disney animated films have been lacking lately. An interesting story!
Finally after a decade of crap fest, Disney is finally making good movie again. Bolt isn't one of the best they've done but it's the best they've done in a long time. The storyline of Bolt is predictable but what makes this movie work is the charm of it's characters. The three main characters are incredibly enjoyable to watch. We have Bolt who's still naive and practically walking into all sorts of dangerous shit because he thinks he's superman. Then we have Mittens who's this cat that gets dragged along Bolts quest and has to deal with all the crazy things Bolt puts them through.
And finally we have Rhino who is by far the funniest awesomest character from Disney this year. He's Bolt's No. 1 fan and spends most of the film gawking over him like how a Star Trek nerd would be if he saw Leonard Nimoy. Rhino is so hilarious to watch and I'm not surprise if Disney makes a spin-off series with him.
The other thing I love about Bolt is the opening sequence of this movie where we get an action scene which sets up the whole premise of the show. And damn that action scene was muthafuckingly amazingly awesome! It was just like the motorcycle chase scene from Advent Children only it had a dog and Hanna Montana in it hahaha.
And the great part is that it was Disney intentionally making fun of itself cause the action scene is very much like the kind of action scenes we see in Jerry Bruckheimer movies where there's lots of slow mos and the zooming in on the weirdest stuff. It was brilliant. And they didn't even try to hide the fact that they were parodying Bruckheimer, the made it incredibly obvious.
Bolt is great and I hope that Disney can keep this up when Princess and the Frog comes out next year.

RATING: 6/10

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