Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa: Review

Now I wasn't a big fan of the first Madagascar when it came out. It was really random and the fact that it did so much business didn't improve my mood one bit. But this on the other hand, I kinda like it.
So Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa continues with Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria who are still stuck in Madagascar and are trying to get back to New York, the fixed the plane and fly off but they accidentally crash landed in Africa. There Alex meets his parents and a whole Lion King story ensues and the others sort of have their own little side plots in the movie.
And those Penguins.. wow. I love those penguins to death. If they're going to have a spin off movie or series about them, I am all for it. They were the best things in Madagascar and they're still funny as hell here even though they're not really shown much in the second one.
And Will.i.Am is in the movie playing this sort of macho dude that has lung cancer or something cause he had the raspiest voice I've ever heard. I don't get why on earth they kept King Julien in this one cause he's practically going in and out of scenes for a brief second or two and just going, "I am gay!" I really hate that guy. he's friggin annoying and he just won't die!
They have this little romantic relationship going on with Melman and Gloria which I really didn't care much for. The usual friendship test between Alex and Marty which was just mediocre and that whole Lion King plot with Alec Baldwin and Ben Stiller which was just okay. There's not much to like in terms of the story here. The only thing that makes this film really really entertaining is the comedy.
There's a whole lot of funnier stuff going on here than in the first one. I like the idea of all the zebras in Africa looking and sounding exactly like Chris Rock. I mean can you just imagine 1,000,000 Chris Rocks just yapping around you? You'd go crazy. I also like that crazy granny lady from the first movie who plays a bigger role in this and is hella funny here. One particular scene where they spoofed The Good, The Bad and The Ugly had me laughing my ass off.
This film is miles better than the first one and I'm kinda surprise it's not doing as well as Madagascar. Check this one out but don't pay too much for it. It won't add anything to your life.

RATING: 6/10 

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