Friday, December 12, 2008

The Day The Earth Stood Still: Review

Deep down inside.. my heart is shattering into a million pieces. Keanu Reeves, I am going to murder you.
The Day The Earth Stood Still is about an alien named Klaatu who comes down to Earth with his bodyguard GORT to begin initiating the extermination of the human race in order to save the planet. Then we have Jennifer Connelly's  character who comes in and tries to persuade him to change his mind.
Now as some of you already know, The Day The Earth Stood Still is a remake of a 1951 sci-fi movie of the same name which is considered a classic. And let me say this, if you are going to so bold as to remake a classic film.. make it better! Don't think that just by slapping on some cool special effects and visuals you are going to come out with a great film. Don't think you can live up to the original cause that is just dumb.
And that's what this movie is. Dumb. This film took a really great story and turns it into a completely boring piece of shit. And that wouldn't bother me so much if I didn't love the original Day The Earth Stood Still as much as I do. I was honestly offended watching this.

We have Keanu Reeves playing Klaatu and he was total crapfest in this. he shows zero emotion and practically has the same facial expression throughout the entire film. I think that's why the filmmakers hired him cause that botox face almost looks alien hahaha. And I like Keanu Reeves, the guy has done some really cool things like Neo and Prince Siddhartha. But man was he just a complete bore here.
And of all people to put into a remake of a film that redefined modern sci-fi films, we have the son of Will Smith in this being an annoying brat. What was the purpose of his character being in the movie only to cause more pain for Jennifer Connellys character. And man does she have some pain. Half of her scenes either shows her crying, screaming or just looking like she's being stabbed in the vagina with a needle or something.
The only cool thing I loved in this film was GORT, which I thought was really well done in the movie. This is the kind of GORT Robert Wise has always envisioned but could never do. A towering menacing being that destroys anything that comes close to it. I liked this GORT better than the original.
If you wanna watch a good sci-fi movie, go see Aliens or borrow the original Day The Earth Stood Still from me. Avoid this shit like SARS.

RATING: 2/10

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