Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Space Chimps: Review

Bullshit.. bullshit.. bullshit... bullshit. This movie has been selling like crazy at my DVD store and I can't figure out why kids love this movie so much. Space Chimps is really incredibly annoying and sooo not funny at all.
So Space Chimps is about the space program that apparently have been training monkeys to do the space exploration stuff for them. Literally.. the lunar landings and everything were all the work of monkeys apparently. And now.. when one of their exploration pods finds a new planet, they send a team of monkeys to check the place out and they uncover a whole new world of shitty crap!
Space Chimps is everything that is wrong about animation. After so many years of Pixar churning out fantastic animated films, you'd think people would get the ques and stop making animation that is only funny when they make pop culture references. I mean this movie was really really shit. Through a good full hour, all we have is just a bunch of poorly animated monkeys talking about Britney Spears and doing the funky chicken to Crazy Frog.
And it also helps the dynamics of the film when you have a main villain that is barely scary nor threatening. The big bad guy in this film that is supposedly terrorizing the planet is this bumbling alien dude that spends most of the movie loosing his temper and *gasp dipping poor aliens in some freezing goo. Oooh so evil...
I'm really getting annoyed with animated films using celebrities to draw in audiences when they don't even have the voices that fit the characters. The voice actors are really useless and none of the characters in this movie are vaguely likable nor memorable.
The only one worth mentioning is Kilowatt voiced by the ever-so-awesome Kristen Chenoweth who is still able to be cute and funny given the limited material she had to work with.
The animation is mediocre at best and the background landscape is so badly detailed. Actually, the graphics look the same as the graphics as any PlayStation 1 games that came out 20 years ago. But I look at the 30 million dollar budget and wonder where on earth did all the money go to? Oh wait... I know. The celebrity voice cast.
Space Chimps is boring, poorly animated and makes so many attempts at being funny but falls so flat that even I feel embarrassed for the producers of this piece of shit.

RATING: 2/10

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